My devotion to art started way before I went to preschool. I painted and made crafts all the time. I grew up in a small town in Taiwan, where the traditional Hakka culture was everywhere. From antique house decorations and paintings, to murals and sculptures in the temples, my childhood was a combination of the old and the new. We also lived in a national park, so the environment was full of beautiful life objects and landscapes. It was like an art book everywhere to me.

I left my home to study art at 16 years old. After I graduated college, worked in Kua-Hua Advertising Ltd for two years, then I got married and had two kids. Throughout it all, I never stopped illustrating and making art. I participated in international art competitions, was juried in and received a wide variety of awards.

Because of my background- a major of commercial art design and a minor in Chinese painting, oil, and watercolor, I use different elements like "point ", "line", and "space " in my pieces, along with bright color on silk or rice paper. My art mirrors my life journey.

I now teach Contemporary Chinese painting, and it's never an easy job. To teach Chinese painting, you need to be familiar with 5000 years of history, the language, and deal with the difficulty of finding special materials. It's worth teaching to see people from all backgrounds and histories taking my class, forming relationships with them and seeing the fruits of their hard work.

Life is so unpredictable, but I feel blessed to look back at my life and see all the influences and people who have helped me along the way.

The well-known artist, George Rivera, former executive Senior Curator and Director of the Triton Museum of Art, said my abstract contemporary Chinese paintings are "Beautiful, and strong, powerful mood, atmosphere, and emotion". I dedicate these wonderful words to all my dear family and friends.


從年少時就出外專攻藝術,我無 時不以身為美濃客家人為傲,美濃 百年老鎮的保守,造就了她古拙純 樸之美,而老家位於國家公園口, 更是藴育了豐富的自然生態美,満 山遍野的竹草䕨蔓,是我們工藝的 好材料,花鳥蟲蝶,是譮畫的好素 材,三合院、祠堂、古刹裏的詩句 、壁畫是幼年學畫的好教材,信手 拈來都是範本,而對畫畫的熱愛與 努力,從無一日停歇過。

由唸書時的接稿子,到後來參加主 流、以致於到參加國際性的沙龍展 出,一直是我創作、遊學的重要方 式,從得奬經歷中,我更堅定自己 作品的定位,也更珍惜可以畫我所 畫的自由及開濶。如今能夠專心創 作,及專注於現代水墨畫的推動, 全因為有家人的支持、好友及畫會 藝友們的鼓勵,鞭策自己努力,不 但是報答疼惜我的家人、好友,也 是圓攵母親未能完成的藝術之夢。

感謝多年的專業設計磨練,讓我在 思考現代水墨畫作時,能夠有深一 層的點、線豐富面,把我要敍發的 情感,能夠更完整的表達出來細腻 的脈動,那兒時祖毌、外婆、親 娘啓發過的故事,曾深深感動過我 的文化,我現在也把美麗的回憶, 用丹青舖陳在宣紙、絹布上,和兒 女、學生,愛好者再次同遊歴。


General Inquiries:

May Shei (artist)



  • 2017 Cupertino distinguished Artist Award Winner

  • 2017 juried into Salon d’Automne 2017 Paris

  • 2016 Two pieces juried into Salon d’Automne 2016 Paris

  • 2015 Juried in Art Revolution Taipei, international Artist grand prize competition

  • 2015 World peace art competition, honorable award. Chinese painting.

  • 2012 Juried in to Triton Museum Watercolor competition

  • 2009 “Misty mountain” University Art best of show, Chinese painting

  • 2008 LGAA 1’st place “Home coming” Chinese painting

  • 2005 Cupertino 50th Golden Jubilee, 1st place Oil paintings

Solo shows

  • 2019 Pacific Art League, Palo Altos, MA Y S H E I : C O L O R I N ME D I T A T I ON 陳菊美現代水墨展

  • 2018 New Taipei City Hakka Park Yi-Jing-Fang 新北市客家園區個展

  • 2017 Wellington Gallery Solo Exhibition, Taipei, 台北心晴美術館邀請個展

  • 2016 Culture Center of Taipei Economic & Cultural office’s Gallery, Solo Exhibition,San Jose, California, 美國舊金山台北經濟文化辦事處南灣華僑文教中心文化藝廊個展

  • 2015 Everrich Galley, Solo Exhibition, Kaohsiung International airport, 高雄國際机場昇恆昌藝廊個展

  • 2014 Everrich Art Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Taipei, 台北昇恆昌內湖旗艦店文藝畫廊個展

  • 2013 Yibao Auction, May Shei Solo Exhibition, Taipei, 怡寶國際拍賣公司陳菊美畫作專場

  • 2012 Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Does-Ming Art Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Taipei, 台北-國立國父紀念館, 德明廳個展

  • 2011 798 Art Zone Jin-Sin Art Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Beijing, 中國北京798藝術村-見心會館個展

  • 2010 Hou beiren Art Museum, Solo Exhibition, Shanghai, 中國昆山市侯北人美術館個展