Upcoming classes:

Materials List for students:

1. Chinese Painting Ink

2. Chinese Painting colors ( Regular Watercolors are fine)

3. Brushes: firm (like wolf-hair) and soft ( Goat-Hair), or all purpose one each in size XS, S, M.

4. Rice Paper : Raw rice paper, and Alum coated rice paper, around 13” x 15” or larger.

5. Paint palette

6. Water pot(container) to clean your brush

7. Painting blanket/old newspaper (to put under the damp rice paper when painting)

8. Paper towel

9. Small leak-free containers for Splash Ink turn in to May after second class.

10. Painting felt, old blanket or towel


Old card board to carry wet paintings home

6B pencil or charcoal

Hair dryer

Small amount of table salt

Tracing paper and sketch book.

Apron is needed to protect your clothes